DMCA (Copyrights Protections)

Ecommerce Serve offer a content protection based in a monitoring in real time, we search in each searcher using your keywords. If you are the own of the content we protect

  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Video
  • Books
  • Sotware
  • Video Games

We fight with the piracy deleting and monitoring your copyright content, in a real time. Our strategie for fight with the piracy are focus in our black list websites, analyzed during a long time or work. We send the removal request to each website responsible to host the file or/and each website responsible to shared the post.

We don’t use sotware or robots system for detect all pirated content, because that not is effective, we always check the content in all web by a human team, using a strategie for found the most quantity possible of pirated content and do the respective actions.

  • Piracy Detection & Mitigation
  • Copyright Infringement Monitoring
  • DMCA Take-downs
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring

Webmaster Services

Websited build with the optimal web design, fast, pretty and modern design, responsive and attractive, all this things are impartant at the moment to build a website.

In our catalog realted to webmaster services you can found:

  • Website optimization (The best website performance)
  • Servers Administration (VPS, Shared server, Dedicated Server, Storage Server) Linux and Windows.
  • Website Customization (We modify and custom your site from your request)
  • Maintenance (Performance, website updates, server, etc)
  • Complete Website Design
  • Webmaster consultancy (Send you question about X problem and when are glad in fix or help
  • Responsive website disigns.
  • Code corrections
  • Databases administration (export, import, fix corrupted files, etc)
  • Create and Manage Emails accounts
  • Domains consultancy (registration, redirections, enmasked, limitations)
  • Stats website reports
  • Website information protection (enforce your website security by a solid codes)
  • Update your content website (We can publish your content in the website)
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Website backup , migrations or instalaltions.
  • And much more…feel free to ask.

Graphic Design Works

  • Logo
  • Banners design
  • Promotional Items
  • Business card design
  • Web icons
  • Patterns , etc.

SEO Services

Improve search presense, Ongoing Search Engine Optimization efforts to increase site visibility. Focus in your strategic keywords

SEO Audits

Our Search Engine Optimisation Audits identify opportunities and issues.

SEO Strategy

Developing a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy and then mapping the tactics into an executable plan is essential for online success. You need SEO Services that can take on the competition and win. Creating and working with strategic Keywords relative to your content.

Google Master Tools

The best administration for improve your presence in Google.

Payment Processors

We fix your payment processor needs, consultancy and we choice for you the adecuade processor. Our payment processors aliances:


We guide the the best payment processor, install and teach you about all process, costs, fees and benefits.

Ecommerce services

  • The optimal website design
  • We guide to the adecuade and best hosting for your Company
  • Payment processor contraction and installation (members or/and shop cart)
  • Finansal study for your ecommerce Project.
  • We créate all legaly and important apartates (terms and conditions, privacy policy, faqs, etc)
  • Creation of a Marketing Work Plan for reach the rentability and not lose your time and money.
  • General consultancy for guaranty your success


We use a called system of advertising based in your product, this sytem start with the integration of the product to the market and like this transcurs the growing and reach the best moment, next the product present a decrease and sales down. We focus in the life of product and to your segment or niche of market.

For work in your advertising needs, we first create a advertising plan based in the life or cicly of the product, next we execute the plan, that’s no is a mechanic advertising, is a good thing and elaborated plan.

Our some advertising tools

  • Social Networks
  • Promote with website sponsors
  • Affiliate programs
  • Tubes Sites
  • Websites Aliances (banners exchanges)

We don’t or similar one click advertising, that’s is a fade not effective.