E-Commerce Serve is a Virtual Company was established in 2010 and specializes in digital marketing and strategic management. We are a team of experts in the webmaster area and also offer and provide the best digital marketing services in order to ensure continuous growing and improvement of companies. In our business, we take advantage of highly rated payment processors and hosting Companies in order to generate high values regarding our effective and efficient services and advising methods.

Our services are STRATEGIC and our experience is the base to reach success. We always enjoy keeping a direct and custom contact with our customers and we always avoid robotic procedures. We would like to guaranty your ultimate satisfaction upon achieving the best and highest quality results.

Our members of staff consist of 3 professional workers who specialize in the areas of Informatics Systems, Marketing and Management and ensuring an effective and responsible work. The company was founded by Technical Informatics System, Tech. and Lic. Rolando  who has a Degree in Business and Management. Today, E-Commerce Serve is a solution for E-Commerce needs, such as: Website developments, Independent E-Commerce projects, SEO, DMCA piracy fighting and Advertising.

As well as dealing with big projects, our company is always happy to help you with resolving any possible issues. You can send us any problems that you have, from a small issue related to a CSS code on your website or a corrupted Database to a big E-Commerce or marketing Project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any problems and we will offer you the best solutions using real time services and facilities.

We ensure that our advertising techniques will satisfy our customers; we would like to deliver a high quality project work in order to generate the best results and ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Our fees and costs are not high and we work with transparency and guaranty to provide you with full proof for each part of completed tasks and every payment will also include a respective bill.


We offer professional and effective E-Commerce services by focusing on strategic and high quality techniques, as well as providing our customers with best, easiest and most convenient solutions in order to achieve the best results for their E-Commerce requirements.


Become one of the most bigger Virtual Companies offering services for E-commerce , constantly improve and update our technology and expand our team members in order to ensure that we will always have extremely happy and satisfied customers.


  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Compromise
  • Responsibly