• Strategic Advertising

    Strategic Advertising

    The most effective advertising strategic system based in the product life and focus in the segment or niche or market. For each company thats work different, we create a advertising system plan for your approval before execute each process.
  • E-Commerce Services

    E-Commerce Services

    We guide you to the correct and the best hosting solution for your Company as well as providing optimal website design, Payment Processor contract and installation (members or/and shoppcart). We will create a Marketing Work Plan for you to reach best economic results and not lose your time and money.
  • Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    We create strategic marketing work plans as well as offering consultancy for generating a competitive profit. All of our Management services focus on E-Commerce and that will be applied to any company in order to generate more sales, get new customers, improve the company image as well as rentability.
  • DMCA – Copyrights Protection

    DMCA – Copyrights Protection

    The Online copyrighted contents piracy happens every day and that has a massive negative impact on online businesses. E-Commerce Serve offers a contents protection service based on constant monitoring of the contents in real time. We constantly carry out searches via various search engines using your keywords. If you are the copyright owner of the contents, we will protect your Pictures, Music, Videos, E-Books, Software and Video Games.
  • Webmaster Services

    Webmaster Services

    We build the most attractive, fast loading and optimal websites. To ensure your convenience, we will send you various templates to choose the most desirable option. Additional services for webmasters include: code corrections, maintenance, servers administrations, etc.

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