The social networks have a big expansions, maybe 80% of the world use the popular networks. The “logic” usage will be the “communication” easy and massive, but a lot of people use this networks for multiples motives such as: Leisure, diversion, hate, revenge, etc. For this reason the networks will be DANGEROUS for the mind user.

Most common usage of social networks: false advertising, wrong news articles, personal problems, emotional problems, personal and not interesting photos.

All information watched for the user is saved in the conscious or unconscious mind, and this affect the mind state ( happy, depressed, angry, etc). With this article we try to transmit the importance of a good use of this networks and have careful with the time investment and way. Please shared in your social networks conscious information or content, build a learn true network, we are immersed in a “world of information” be intelligent, careful the information.

Care the world of the information – Social Networks.
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